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RSM Resident Since 2001
“My compassion for kids, teens, parents, seniors and those who are disabled physically or mentally is paramount to who I am and what I will bring to my role as RSM City Council, including what you as residents desire for our amazing city!”

Making an Impact For RSM

As an advocate for bridge safety, suicide prevention, seniors, teens at risk, small businesses, kids, and families, Wendy passionately encourages her neighbors to act and leads the way to create solutions that benefit the community.

Why Elect Wendy as Your Fresh Voice

“I know Wendy Braun to be a most capable candidate who actually cares about RSM and the residents! It is time to change the guard!”  – Larry McCook, long-time RSM activist, AYSO soccer coach, and church usher. 

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“My campaign is purposefully simple– we need regular folks on the City Council as well to keep our community balanced.”

“I’m looking forward to speaking up for your futures and exactly what YOU want as your fresh voice in City council.”

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“My campaign is purposefully simple– we need regular folks on the City Council as well to keep our community balanced.”

“I’m looking forward to speaking up for your futures and exactly what YOU want as your fresh voice in City council.”

A Leader You Can Trust

Meet Wendy Braun

I’m a mom, community advocate/volunteer, local school employee and have a heart for all of you! I will serve diligently for what you want, from our Chiquita Ridge issue to making sure our RSM stays safe, secure and a solid community for all of us to live and grow. Our First Responders are my heroes!

My family and I moved from Los Angeles in 1987 to Mission Viejo and then to Rancho Santa Margarita in 2001. I believe South Orange County is the best home to raise a young family from birth until the golden years, and I’ve seen our city grow by leaps and bounds. That’s why I’ve always been active in our community since we arrived, including:

Supervising RSM K-5 students for 18 years to keep them safe and healthy.

California Early Language Development Tester for our young students whom English is not their native language.

Volunteered in 1st-5th grade classrooms as a tutor/mentor at Kinoshita Elementary in San Juan Capistrano.

Health Tech for the largest elementary school in Foothill Ranch for many years.

Volunteer with OC Council on Aging, and becoming their Ombudsman, advocating for elderly rights at nearly half of our skilled
nursing/assisted living homes.

Volunteer with YANA Cancer Support and make blankets for people battling cancer.

I attend a local church in RSM, the Spoken Word Church, volunteering with the congregation who are so loving they visit the elderly in our community and bring care baskets and food (great chicken soup) to the ill who so need to be cared about!

Making Rancho Santa Margarita Safer

By re-evaluating the distribution of funds across city projects, my goal is to identify funding and secure repair bids to address the bridge safety maintenance needs. It’s imperative that those bridges most frequently traveled are inspected and repaired to prevent any  structural compromise. Additionally, it will provide an opportunity to add safety nets and signage to the bridges to reduce accidental or considered events and keep our citizens safer when crossing.

To learn more about our city, visit the Rancho Santa Margarita website.

A Pressing Issue That CAN Be Solved

While our city is named one of the safest in Southern California, the suicide rate from our bridges is higher than many surrounding areas. This can be attributed to the ease of access to many bridges and the lack of safety equipment and signage to discourage citizens from considering the bridges to end their life.

There have also been many accidents caused by minimal safety barriers that if installed, could protect passengers in disabled cars and prevent an avoidable death. Previous city councils have had the opportunity for several years to allocate funding to add simple deterrents and work responsibly toward addressing the issue, but they haven’t yet taken the steps.

My goal is to bring this issue to light and to take steps to repair and enhance key bridges and then engage our community to share in an outreach program for bridge safety awareness and suicide prevention.

In Memory of Stephen Beckman, who helped inspire me to advocate for bridge safety.

For more information and help:

Visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or call them at 1-800-273-8255.

Visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness Orange County or call them at 1-714-544-8488. Call their WarmLine at 1-714-991-6412, a free and confidential telephone service providing emotional support and resources to Orange County residents. If you, a family member, or a loved one are experiencing mental health concerns, substance abuse, loneliness or are in need of community resources, The WarmLine is for you.

The Right Choice and Your Fresh Voice

Join in to support Wendy Braun as she runs for City Council. Add your name to her campaign and see how you can help her become YOUR Fresh Voice this November 3rd!

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